Hi everyone, this is Dr. Peter Wishnie for your one-minute practice management tip. And today I want to talk to you about your numbers. You know, I'm the number guy. I love numbers and it's all great, but I coach a whole bunch of clients at Top Practices, and I am amazed not just the clients, but amazed of the number of people I meet, have no clue what the numbers are. Not only do they do not know what their numbers are, they don't actually graph them and analyze them. And how often should you do that? Some people say every quarter, once a year, or twice a year, you need to know certain numbers daily, but you need to graph your numbers weekly. 

If you want to go from point A to point B and you need a certain amount of money to come in, certain number of new patients that you need every single month. When are you going to find out if you're on track? Is it on the 28th of the month when it's way too late? Or is it at the end of the week? Someone just sent me an email the other day, one of my clients, and he said, "I didn't know what I did this week. I was amazed that I did so well." He had a fantastic week, the best week ever, over, he's been practicing for over 40 years, his best week ever. And he felt like it was easy, easy peasy, and he didn't realize he was doing so well. We don't even know, you know, what our numbers are. We go based on emotion. Oh, it's a good day. It was a bad day. We don't really know.

So you need on a daily basis, and if you have a billing company, this is a must. You need your new patient numbers. You need to know what they are every single day, every single week. Total number of visits, your per visit charges, which eventually twice a year, you'll convert that to per-visit revenue, and your total charges, your total collections. And you know it daily, make sure you're on track, so by the end of the week, you have a total, total per office, per doctor for the whole organization and you graph these numbers. And the lines will go up, they will go down, they'll stay the same, whatever they are, you have to analyze them. And you have to say, why did they go up? Why did they go down? If it went up and this is why it went up, and we did certain action that week, we need to reinforce that action, and continue to reinforce it, and focus on it. If we stop that action, the numbers went down, we had to go, okay, we stopped this action, let's put this back in place.

And that's where sometimes I come in, I help you do that. I help you with your numbers and I help you just figure out what are the one or two things you need to do this week that you put in place, you're going to have an amazing week. So go ahead, take the time to do that. That's the key time, your rainmaker day. Stay focused. I'm here for you. Have a wonderful, wonderful day.