Hi, this is Dr. Peter Wishnie for another one-minute practice management tip. Think of your team as a community. When you, the doctor-owner succeeds, it's because of your great team. Get the team together and celebrate your wins. Go out to lunch and thank them. Plus get to know them, really get to know them, show them that you care about them as individuals and help them develop a cohesive group.

Now, I do not mean you need to socialize with them outside of the office regularly and then you don't have to be their best friends. Just show them how much you really care and appreciate them. Get together, outside of the office, you'll see the emotions, the, the camaraderie, and, there'll be more energy.

There'd be more excitement. So when they get back to work, you will see a new spirit among them. So just go out, have fun and celebrate all your victories as you go along the way, you'll have your goals. Try to reach those goals. As you get closer and have many goals, set many goals, and then celebrate those mini-goals with simple celebrations.

Go ahead and do that. Try that. You'll find great results with that. In the meantime, stay focused, my friends.