Hi, it's Tina and welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip.

You know, I'm a real student of the Disney institution. And I've read almost every book that they have on providing great customer service. Well, they call it guest service. And one tip that I want to give you today comes from the book of Be Our Guest which is one that was written probably back in 2001, but you know what? The lessons in it will go on forever. They're golden. And this one that I want to share is the one thing you need to do when your patients come into your practice is to create awesome arrivals and fond farewells for them. 

Think about it. When your patients walk through your door is someone smiling at them? Is someone greeting them possibly by their name? Are you truly happy that they're there or do you think, "Oh my gosh, here comes the work." Well, people definitely know how you feel from that first moment that they walk in your door.

And then, when your patients leave are people telling them goodbye and to have a great day? Never let them walk past your check-out without someone saying, "Have a nice day", "Thank you for coming in", or "Safe travels".

Well, I hope this is food for thought because let me tell you, every time I think about it, it causes me to remember this is something that is so important for our practice. And actually, any business that you go to that we need to be creating those awesome arrivals for our patients and those fond farewells for them to take out the door so that they want to come back again and again and bring their family and friends. I hope this tip serves you well.