Are you sure your phones are being answered properly? Does your staff reschedule patients immediately when a patient calls to cancel? Every time a patient does not schedule an appointment is a missed opportunity to help someone with their health, as well as a financial loss to the practice.

Would you like that every time your phone rings, a patient schedules an appointment? 

How would you like to get a raise worth tens of thousands of dollars without spending one dime?

That is exactly what the Ten $Million Dollar Phone Scenarios System will do for you.  Your staff will learn how to answer the tough questions like:

How does a certain service cost?

Or, how to turn a cancellation into another appointment by rescheduling that patient immediately. 

According to studies, every time a patient misses their appointment, it can cost you on the average of $200.

In the Ten $Million Dollar Phone Scenarios System you will learn what your staff should be saying to get the patients in the office as soon as possible. Plus, how to handle the top ten tough questions patients ask. Just with some little tweaking with your staff, you will see your income soar.

If patients are calling and not making appointments or you see a lot of missed appointments and cancellations, the Ten $Million Dollar Phone Scenarios System is for you. 

Stop the missed opportunities that are occurring and the leakage of money from your practice just by teaching your staff how to answer the tough questions patients ask.

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