Hi, it's Tina, and I'm here with your one-minute management tip. You know, I was listening to Tony Robbins a couple weeks ago and he'd said something that just kind of jumped out at me. He said, "We get what we tolerate." You know, I hear about unhappy situations that go on in our practices, mine included. You know, people not doing what they're expected.

They're not being nice to one another. They have unrealistic expectations set on them. You know, Marie Forleo has a great book called Everything is Figureoutable and it is. The practice issues and problems that you have are fixable. And I'm gonna tell you the first step in doing that. It's to begin with, they need to be addressed.

You need to spell them out and know exactly what they are. Then you can start the figureoutable part on how you're going to fix it. And if you need help, Dr. Peter Wishnie and I also offer private coaching consulting hours that you can get through Top Practices. All you have to do is email me at [email protected] or Dr. Peter Wishnie at [email protected], and we can tell you how we can help you with the problems that you have in your practice that are truly fixable. Well, you take care and I hope to be talking to you soon. Bye.