There are eight easy ways to motivate your staff.

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie of the Virtual Practice Management Institute. And hiring good staff that are motivated is definitely the first step in having a great team. Remember, you are a coach to the staff and you need to keep your team motivated in order to achieve their practice's goals.

How can you easily motivate them and do you motivate them equally? Most top-notch workers do not need to be motivated, but if you do not follow these eight ways, then it is possible you can demotivate them and turn a great player into one that is going through the motions while looking for another job. Job turnover is very costly. You need to properly communicate with them. Explain to them what you expect of them and what is the purpose of their job. For example, if the person is a front desk receptionist, their purpose is to make sure the patient has and keeps their next appointment and to collect all the monies that are due at the time of service.

The best way to motivate your staff at first is to make sure you the doctor stays motivated and excited about going to work. Now get the eight ways to motivate your staff by ordering the free book, Running a Successful Practice Should Be a Dream, Not a Nightmare, by clicking the link below.