Hi, it's Tina and I'm here with your one-minute management tip. You know, great teams have great team leaders, and today I'm going to give you three tips on how you can be a great team leader for the people who work in your practice. Whether you're the office manager, whether you're the physician, these things need to be done if you want to have people who want to follow you and help you succeed.

1. You need to ask yourself, am I committed to helping them, my team succeed today? Reminder, if they succeed, you succeed.

2. Am I committed to creating value for them at every encounter they have with me today? Hmm. Think about that.

3. Have I recently, within the last week, reminded them of how their work supports the overall practice, reaching its goals, and being successful?

Remember, you can't do this by yourself. Not at all. It takes the entire team. And if you just do these three things that I mentioned above every day, you will be a great team leader. And you know how you'll know? Just ask your team. If you have any questions or need any help, all you have to do is email me at [email protected] or Dr. Peter Wishnie at [email protected]. Take care and remember, be a great team leader. Bye.