“Working with Top Practices has basically changed our life in podiatry. When we first began working with Rem, we had reached the depression component that's involved with podiatry. Where you don't want to do it anymore, you're looking for other alternatives, you're looking to get out of podiatry, and considering selling the practice. So, we were at pretty much a low point in podiatry practice. I think some of the first things that Top Practices brought to us was a positive mental attitude about the profession, and how we could actually improve financially, which was our biggest issue at the period of time when we went with Top Practices.

Top Practices has taught us how to more effectively market. To the point that we were having, in one of our offices, a hard time filling our schedule. The other office was fairly full. But now we have a 6-8 week backed-up list to see us. To the point where now we are bringing on an associate doctor earlier in our business plan than we ever anticipated it, to be able to handle the supply and demand. We've gone from a practice that was making about, from a gross income, where we were struggling with two offices, we were making about $500,000 a year. With the help of Top Practices now, we—with one practitioner, that's just me right now—we are now just a little above 1.3 million. And that's been within a year and a half. And our goal for this year—after we just finished our 12-week planning meeting—is 1.65 million. I think we'll probably achieve that earlier than our goal, based on where we are with our business plan now. And that's with a new associate too!

If you don't take advantage of the fact you can talk to Rem at no cost about your practice, then you don't deserve to be a podiatrist. You need to be smart about this. You work your whole life to become a podiatrist, and before you throw the towel in, I would at least talk to Rem. Because I can tell you right now that was a big turning point for me. 

One of the things that's very impressive about Rem and all of the other colleagues within Top Practices is that they are very busy people. Rem is very busy. Tina is very busy. Peter is very busy. But they make it seem like you are the only customer there. They make time for you. Where you would think you'd have to get on a schedule and be seen in five or six weeks, no. They make time for you. They even do it, like, the next day, or even that day sometimes. For people to be that busy and to be accessible, is extremely impressive.”

Leland Gilmore, DPM - Alexandria, VA