As the Marketing Director for Dr. Hal Ornstein's podiatry practice in New Jersey, the doctors and I have been part of Rem Jackson's "Top Practices Group" for several years now and say without hesitation it has been a positive experience on so many levels.  The education and direction gained from being part of the group is extremely useful and explained in a way that is easily understood, giving us the ability to take action immediately.  In addition to this, the content discussed is always relevant and often ahead of the curve. Which is so critical in the world of marketing. 

In addition, I personally attended the "Top Practices" seminar and the same holds true in that the information and education provided was incredible  and presented in a way that I was able to take action immediately upon returning home.  Taking it a step further, the people that attended this seminar were all on the same page, so the energy was incredible and the amount of "like-minded individuals" I speak with often as a direct result of my attendance have been a true asset to me both personally and professionally.

To sum up my answer, I strongly encourage all who ask me to join the "Top Practices Group" to do so, as it will help you achieve and surpass your goals, both personally and professionally.

Chad Schwarz - Howell, NJ