Dr. Gregg Neibauer

Top Practices has transformed my life, and thus my practice.

Before Top Practices, I was a rudderless boat. I was going somewhere, but had no control. Top Practices has given me the tools so I now control my own destiny: a positive mindset, goals, and a compass to chart my own course.

Rem always has a pertinent solution or answer for any problem or question. Even better, the solution/answer is crafted in a positive light, making the problem a thing of the past. One of the most important concepts that Rem has advocated is being the CEO of your practice: this is profound. Most doctors fail miserably running the business side of their practice; Rem's recommendation and approach to be the CEO of your practice is spot on and has helped me immensely.

Gregg Neibauer, DPM - Missoula, MT