Joining Rem Jackson's Top Practices Group was an excellent investment in our practice. We first met Rem at a meeting of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management.  We have been involved with Rem's group for almost four years. From the start Rem makes sure that you learn how to formulate your short, medium and long term goals both professionally and personally. This is the building block for your future.

Ted Mushlin, DPM

The knowledge that we have acquired has been invaluable and this is evident in the growth of our practice. Sharing with and learning from other Top Practices members is a very beneficial perk of this group. Once a year Rem conducts his "Summit" meeting which is not to be missed!  It is the best learning experience and a chance to see the other Top Practices Group members. We are very happy to be part of this pro active group, who all share a very positive attitude about Podiatry. 

Dr. Ted Mushlin - Newtown Square, PA