Member of the Month
Dr. Brandt Gibson, American Fork, Utah

Dr. Brandt GibsonTop Practices is delighted to name Dr. Brandt Gibson as our member of the month. Brandt has practiced for 4 years in American Fork, Utah. Brandt met Rem at an AAPPM meeting and became intrigued with the kind of marketing that Rem teaches. He waited, however for about six months before he saw Rem at another AAPPM meeting and as they passed in the hallway he told Rem that he'd been thinking about it long enough and it was time to get started. And get started he did! Brandt jumped right in with both feet and had Top Practices produce his book, he got his database set up and he used Rem's 18 step campaign to convert his prospective patients into actual patients.

He's our member of the month for the following reasons:

  • Not only did he get his marketing rolling quickly, he also wrote a practice growth plan that covered all aspects of his practice and he started executing a 90 day plan to get as much done as he could in that time -so he changed things fast.
  • He began to promote his practice in several different ways and generated a lot of activity immediately.
  • He established a very high quality relationship with a local shoe store focused on his book offer (the store is handing out flyers for his book to everyone who buys shoes, it promotes his book on it's website, and it's delighted to have such a public relationship with a doctor who specializes in foot and ankle health.
  • He is converting his leads into patients at a high percentage.

Everyone wants to change and grow their practice, but not everyone takes the actions needed to make it happen and happen fast. Congratulations to Dr. Brandt Gibson Top Practices' first Member of the Month.

Brandt Gibson, DPM