How Was the Mastermind Group Meeting?

"It was very good. I came not really knowing exactly what to expect, but it really gave myself and my wife, a lot of encouragement. Gave us some things to shoot for. It's just a good time to meet with people that are going through the same struggles that we are and got a lot of things worked out and I'm excited to go back home and put them in to place."

How Has Being a Top Practices Member Affected Your Business?

"It has really kept me afloat and kept me, kept me going. When I first came here, I literally thought that I could not keep going anymore. I was thinking about just closing the business and doing something completely different. And not only am I still here five years later but so much more successful than I thought I could ever be."

Would You Recommend Top Practices?

"I would recommend it to anyone. I mean, you have to at least do it one time, for sure. And once you do, you won't wanna stop."

Dr. Joel Foster - Lee's Summit, Missouri