How Was the Mastermind Group Meeting?

"One way it's affected my practice is that I'm more mindful of the metrics and just the health of the practice. It was easy to just kind of go on autopilot before then and get into trouble. And now we're constantly watching the numbers and constantly trying to tweak things to become more effective and better service to our patients."

How Has Being a Top Practices Member Affected Your Business?

"The mastermind meeting was great for me. It was nice to be able to sit with like-minded doctors and to be able to see what they've accomplished, to hear their advice and encouragement, and to be able to offer some in return. And that was a really valuable thing."

Would You Recommend Top Practices?

"I would. I would recommend Top Practices to anyone looking to improve their practice."

Dr. Jason Wilks - Roseburg, Oregon

Jason Wilks, DPM - Roseburg, OR