"Top Practices has been the single best thing I have done for my Podiatry Practice – ever.

Jenny Sanders, DPM

Two years ago, my revenue started dropping and I just couldn’t figure out why. Increasingly, I found myself putting in longer and longer hours without deriving any benefit. Even worse, the enthusiasm I had previously experienced in providing patient care and managing my practice was at an all time low. Fortunately, I met Rem Jackson and became a member of Top Practices. For me, Top Practices has been nothing short of a miracle, catapulting my practice revenue and enthusiasm to levels I didn’t even know were possible. During the 1st year of being a Top Practices member, my revenue increased 20% from the prior year and this year I am on track to increase revenue over 35% from last year. Thanks to Rem and Top Practices I am on track to create the multi-million dollar practice I knew was possible, but didn’t know how to get to.

I’ve always used a medical practice management company who compile my monthly financial practice statements of profit and loss. They meet with me quarterly and review. Although they have been helpful is tracking where the practice money goes, they have not been useful in helping me build the practice or increase revenue, whereas Top Practices has.

My new patient and returning patient numbers are dramatically up and each month is better and bigger than the last. My team, who were previously weary like me, are now excited to come to work and are genuinely thrilled to be part of the practice trajectory. The best part though – I have my life back and am excited to show up for work each day. 

Thanks to Rem Jackson and Top Practices, for the first time, I have the tools and a plan to get to where I want to go. The stress of not knowing what’s wrong and worse, not knowing how to fix it are gone." 

Jenny Sanders, DPM - San Francisco, CA