How Was the Mastermind Group Meeting?

"It was fantastic. Not only was it everything that I wanted, but is everything I needed to get the information to develop my practice, to grow and be a better podiatrist and better business person." 

How Has Being a Top Practices Member Affected Your Business?

"It's been great. Top Practices is an absolute game changer when it comes to podiatric practice and running and managing the practice. It's influenced me in many ways. It's helped me to understand not only what I'm doing well, but what I'm doing wrong. And meeting with like-minded people has really helped open my eyes and develop my practice in ways I never thought really possible."

Would You Recommend Top Practices?

"So Top Practices is something that everybody needs to do. I wouldn't just recommend it. I would say that every podiatrist should and needs to join this group to learn and to grow and to be the best practitioner and businessperson they can be."

Michael Block, DPM - Abingdon, Maryland

Michael Block, DPM - Abingdon, MD