Jane Graebner, DPMMy first experience with Rem Jackson, founder and CEO of Top Practices, was in October 2009 at his summit in Dallas TX.  My new associate and I attended this conference to form our individual goals and practice goals and see if we could achieve a new level in our practice.  This first meeting opened my eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead. After viewing Dr. Mary Beth Crane's office in Dallas and Dr. Peter Wishnie's office in New Jersey in October 2010, I realized that I could "run my practice" and not let my practice run me. Every month he has 2 marketing calls, 1 Mindset call,and a personal coaching call that you schedule with him monthly where you can discuss any topics. His years of expertise in management are extremely valuable, but Rem is also a clearinghouse of good ideas from podiatry practices across the nation. I have found the  members of Top Practices to be generous with their advice and ideas and have begun several new friendships. My office manager attended the October 2010 summit and he also has other office managers he can call with questions or concerns.  This is a very supportive group and my practice is going through a definite transformation because of my association with them. After 30 years of practice, I no longer go home feeling tired and burned out. I've lost 70 lbs, go to the gym 5 days a week, and take time for daily devotions all because of identifying my personal goals as well as practice goals.  Take time to regain control of your life, both personal and business.  Rem Jackson will be an excellent coach to guide you through this process.

Jane E. Graebner, D.P.M. - Delaware, OH