Though most doctors don’t want to hear it, the shift from the (relatively) simple fee-for-service model for reimbursements to the new Value-Based Medicine has already started. The next few years will see a significant change in the way doctors get paid, which will inevitably mean may practices experience an increase in claim rejections, cash-flow issues, and fee reductions overall. With the right technology, data, and training, however, podiatric professional can thrive, even through these changes, which is why we introduced the new Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI) program.

This program is designed to work with you and fit your unique practice, which means there are a couple ways you can use it—what we call our “Gold” or “Silver” packages. It’s up to you to decide which is the best fit for you and your practice so you don’t show up to this gun fight armed with a butter knife.

So, What Is VPMI Again?

The Virtual Practice Management Institute, known as VPMI, is collaboration between Top Practices and Collaborative Practice Solutions. This incredible program combines the impressive online curriculum of Top Practices’ own practice management education program with the unique and incredibly valuable Virtual Practice Optimization (VPO) Report Card from Collaborative Practice Solutions.

What exactly does that mean? Well, members who join the program have their practice’s strengths, weaknesses, and missed opportunities evaluated and laid out in a special “report card” that shows them exactly where they stand relative to 1500 of their peers. With this data and proper interpretation, you’re able to identify where your practice is missing the mark, including areas of costly under or over-utilization, so you can make adjustments you need.

More than that, however, members have the possibility of access to courses and coaching with Collaborative Practice Solutions and their experts Dr. John Guiliana and Dr. Alan Bass. They also can potentially get complete access to the Top Practices’ Practice Management Institute program. How do you get these things? Well, it depends on the Gold or Silver package, and what your practice actually needs.

The Silver Package

While you can order a one-off report card or a monthly report card review for your practice, the VPMI Silver program offers you the direction you need to actually use the information you receive. Every month, the Collaborative Practice Solutions experts will evaluate your practice and provide you with data—then interpret it for you. They will show you exactly what the information you receive means for your practice and how you can use it to make the changes you need to make. You’ll have access to coaching from Collaborative Practice Solutions and their experts on a monthly basis as well.

The Gold Package

The VPMI Gold program is the most robust option available for your practice. It includes everything the VPMI program has to offer. Not only do you get a monthly VPO Report Card and full interpretation with coaching help from the Collaborative Practice Solutions experts, you also get membership access to the entire Top Practices’ Practice Management Institute. This means you are able to take your customized and interpreted report, then work directly with the Practice Management Institute’s mentors and coaches, such as Tina Del Buono and Dr. Peter Wishnie. You and your staff will also have access to a wealth of resources and training materials in our secure online library whenever you want, as well as the chance to participate in groups with other podiatry professionals who are also working on their practice management.

All in all, there’s no other program quite like this one available to doctors.

So Which Is Best for Me?

Whether the Silver or the Gold package is better for you depends entirely on what you feel your practice needs. If you simply need the raw data and its interpretation, the Silver package may the right fit. It provides you with information and resources you require so you can implement changes in your practice when you are ready to make them. If, however, you are looking for immediate in-depth coaching, mentoring, and training to empower your staff and really adjust your practice management now, the Gold package is what you are looking for. It goes above and beyond data interpretation and coaching to really dig deep and customize what you and your staff need to thrive and transform your management and practice as a whole.

How you and your practice handle changes in the podiatry world is entirely up to you. Just remember, changes are coming whether you want them too—or are prepared for them—or not. Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand. If you’d like to learn more about the VPMI program, or you want to get started, contact us today! You can e-mail [email protected] or try calling (717) 725-2679.