Rem Jackson

Your Host, CEO of Top Practices, Fellow, AAPPMRem Jackson

Rem Co-founded Top Practices on January 1st 2007 with Diane Jackson just in time for the biggest recession since the Great Depression. Rem opted out of the recession and Top Practices has grown in triple digits every year since. Rem has transformed the lives of hundreds of podiatrists across the US and Canada with his Top Practices Systems for Marketing and Management. These same podiatrists have opted out of the recession and they have built strong and sustainable practices that are well prepared for the challenges that are coming in the next few years. The future isn’t going to change, the only thing that can change is how prepared you are for it. Top Practices’ mission is to prepare its members for rapid and accelerating success in all facets of their professional and personal lives.

AAPPM President's Award for Leadership


Tom Foster

CEO, Foster Web MarketingTom Foster, CEO of Foster Web Marketing

Tom Foster is the most accomplished Internet/Web/Social Media expert in the country. He is responsible for the practices in Rem Jackson’s Top Practices Mastermind Group’s ability to dominate their local markets online because he is Rem’s personal internet marketing coach. Together, they have transformed the entire landscape of marketing online in the podiatry market. Tom has been our lead presenter for every Top Practices Summit. Tom rarely speaks at events (only his own and Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing Conferences), but Tom’s personal relationship with Rem, along with his work with the Top Podiatric Marketers in the country, make it possible for attendees at the conference to hear him in person. Attending his sessions alone will put you 18 months ahead of everyone else in your market.


Dave FreesDave Frees

Attorney, Author, and Speaker

By the time he was twenty-three, David had visited all fifty states, lived in and studied in four countries and started two businesses, and he has yet to slow down! He is chairman of Success Technologies Inc. and Red Wire Press, and a partner in the law firm of Unruh Turner Burke & Frees where he represents numerous entrepreneurs, executives and corporate clients including banks, developers, and corporations. David has appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) and various radio programs and co-hosted “Abundant Living,” a weekly radio interview program dealing with wealth, goal setting and achievement. He is also the author of the communications book, “The Language of Parenting” and a weekly newspaper column. David has served as a member of the board of directors, an officer, or advisor to many corporations and charitable organizations including the American Cancer Society, the Valley Forge Historical Society, Sentry Technologies, Inc., Success Technologies Inc. and First Financial Bank.


Peter Wishnie

Dr. Peter Wishnie

Founding Director of Family Foot and Ankle Specialists in Piscataway, NJ, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Practice Management Consultant and the Director of the Physician Practice Management Program

Dr. Peter Wishnie is a highly successful podiatrist practicing in Piscataway, NJ. He has been described by Rem in this way: “Peter leads the best managed practice in the country. There are other extremely well managed practices in the country, but system for system, protocol for protocol, job description for job description,
and bottom line for bottom line, I would put Peter’s practice up against any practice in the country.” Peter also works with scores of podiatrists to enable them to duplicate his results, take over their own practices and finally get them running smoothly and effectively through our highly popular Top Practices Practice
Management Program.


Tina DelBuono

Tina Del Buono

PMAC Practice Management Coach and Director of the Top Practices Management Program

Tina has been a practice manager for 18 years. She has lectured nationally on Practical Practice Management for the past 14 years and specializes in Complete Practice Efficiencies, team building, staffing issues, physician/staff communications, manager mentoring, A/R, collection forensics, and practice building protocols. Tina has written over 400 articles on practice management and understands what you envision your practice to be and getting it there can be challenging. She is a past President and past Scientific Chair of the ASPMA. She currently lectures with the AAPPM and is the Scientific Chair for the Western Foot and Ankle Conference assistant programs. Tina is also the leader of the Top Practices Practice Management Programs and in that role mentors dozens of practice managers as they transform their practices into truly efficient Top Practices.


Jay Henderson

Jay Henderson

CEO, Real Talent, Inc.

Jay has been working with Top Practices for over five years helping its members to hire the right people – THE FIRST TIME. He began his corporate training career with the Covey Leadership Center, helping to launch Dr. Covey’s bestselling book, First Things First. He has helped many organizations implement Covey Leadership Training. He also is a certified instructor of Dr. Covey’s three nationally recognized programs: Principle Centered Leadership, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and First Things First.



The Top Practices Geek Squad
Dr. Brandt Gibson and Dr. Andrew Schneider

These two doctors have more technical expertise in their Hallux than most people do in their entire practice. The impact technology is having on Podiatric practices is changing rapidly and the Geek Squad will demonstrate how to harness the power of this technology in your practice.

Andrew SchneiderTop Practices Geek SquadBrandt Gibson


Top Practices Mastermind Group Marketers are the most accomplished, effective, and knowledgeable Podiatric marketers in the country – Doctors, Marketing Directors, and Managers. Literally dozens of the top practices in the country will be rolling up their sleeves and sharing the most sophisticated sessions possible throughout the Summit. The Workshop will be led by the best Marketing Directors, Managers, and Doctors in the US, Canada, and Australia.