There is only one real way to answer this question.  What do past attendees say about the Summit?

If you’ve taken the time to read what your colleagues have to say about this conference, then you know it’s changing things for the better in dramatic ways for dozens and dozens of your fellow podiatrists.

Several additional things to consider:

  1. It’s guaranteed.  Here is the Summit Guarantee:

If at any time, during the Summit, you feel that you came to the wrong place or we are not addressing the issues we said we would, you may turn in your materials and receive a full refund of your seminar registration fee – no questions asked; no small print.

  1. The Top Practices Summit is designed to enable serious doctors who are ready to make the changes they need to make to get moving and executing.  It is not for everyone. True success doesn’t transfer by osmosis. You’ve got to want to get serious about positioning your practice and your career for success in the complex future facing all of us.
  2. If you are already doing well and consider yourself to be a good marketer, then the Summit is absolutely for you. Winners like to be around and learn from other winners.  You know that if you get just one or two great ideas that you can use it will be worth your time and investment.

Is the Summit worth it?  Hundreds of podiatrists will tell you yes, but the real answer is, “Are you ready?”

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC