What will you receive at the Top Practices Summit? PATIENTS…period.

Patients are the goal.  More importantly, you’re aiming for a reception room filled with exactly the kind of patients you want to see that day.  Happy Patients who refer to you and return to you.


The only reason you market your practice is to build a practice filled with these patients.  The only reason you manage your practice well is to provide excellent service to these patients.  That way you heal them and turn them into raving fans of you and your staff, so they tell everyone about you.

Patients.  There is no other reason for the Summit. 

At the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit, you will experience two and a half days of workshops, expert presentations, and roundtables designed to enable you. That way you can grow your practice, love working in your practice, and profit abundantly from your practice.  Nothing else.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC