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Grand Prize

GRAND PRIZE: A Private Mastermind & Professional Development Day with Rem Jackson at Your Office!

Everyone who has entered in the past has found that participating in this program to be one of the best things they did to FOCUS and MOVE THEIR OWN PRACTICE FORWARD. And this year we’ve raised the bar on the prizes:

Our Second & Third Place Finalists will Win the Following:

Prize One
 A three-month membership to the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute including a private consultation with the Top Practices Practice Management coaches: Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono, PMAC

Prize Two
A Complimentary Issue of the Top Practices Patient Newsletter designed specifically for you by our Top Practices Podiatry newsletter team.

Prize Three
Plus, Rem Jackson's "How to Write Copy That Produces Results for Podiatry Practices."


If you have been implementing the Top Practices Marketing systems and would like to throw your hat in the ring as “Marketer of the Year” all you have to do is send an email to Rem with this subject line:  “Look out Rem! I’m the next Top Practices Marketer of the Year!”  He will send you what you need to do to be considered for the competition. It’s that easy!

Here’s the deal. On Saturday, September 9th a maximum of Three Top Practices members will be “showing their best stuff” that they are using to market their practices.

We’d love it if you were one of them.

The audience will then vote for the “Top Practices Marketer of the Year.” What are we looking for in this contest? Mainly, your ideas! What can you show and share with others that will make them go,


Show us your internet presence, your videos, CDs, books, referral tools….WHATEVER you have, and let the audience decide. Rem will help you put your best foot forward, he promises.

PLEASE ENTER EVEN IF YOU “THINK” THAT YOU ARE JUST FOLLOWING WHAT EVERYONE HAS "TOLD YOU TO DO" – EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED! Learning from the other members of Top Practices and then sharing how you've used it, changed it, and improved it is how it works for everyone.  Please enter even if you think that you’ve had a lot of “air time” already. 

Everyone who has entered in the past has found it to be one of the best things they did to FOCUS and MOVE THEIR OWN PRACTICE FORWARD. And this year we’ve raised the bar on the prizes. Would you want to have Rem come to your office and work directly with your staff? Would you like to have a private consult with Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono and find out what the Virtual Practice Management Institute is all about and how it can explode your profits? How about a Free Newsletter designed for you for a month? How about a great package of Virtual Marketing Director Services and Guidance?

“You’d have to be nuts not to enter!” – Rem Jackson


Here’s the Nitty Gritty—the Rules

  1. There will be 3 finalists chosen to present at the September 2017 Summit. The finalists will have 20 minutes of stage time to show their stuff.
  2. Finalists are selected by Top Practices. We are looking for “your best stuff”, wow ideas, implementation/marketing sequences, video strategies, shock and awe packages/direct mail campaigns, print advertising, other strategies, results, etc.
  3. There will be on-site voting for the Marketer of the Year.  The contestant with the most votes will win the Grand Prize. All contestants will win the other prizes just for competing! 
  4. You must send Rem your submission no later than JULY 28TH, 2017. Rem will review the submissions, consult the judges, and advise those who have been selected as finalists.
  5. By participating, you agree that the materials you submit may be shown in the newsletter, at conferences, etc. You will always be credited with what you give us.
  6. You must be a member of Top Practices. All membership levels are eligible to participate.
  7. You must be registered to attend the Summit.

 Remember, if you want to go for it just email [email protected] with the subject line: “Look out Rem! I’m the next Top Practices Marketer of the Year!” 

Do it Right Now!

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