More than 150 podiatry practices attend the Top Practices Summit every year.  Here’s a partial list of the types of practices that attend the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit:

  • Solo or small podiatry practices that want to market effectively without breaking the bank.
  • Large podiatry practices with multiple doctors and locations that want to organize and systematize their marketing so that it is effective for all doctors and all offices.
  • Podiatry practices that are already successful in their marketing efforts and want to improve them.
  • Podiatry practices that are struggling with their marketing, patient numbers, and revenue. 
  • Members of Top Practices attend the Summit every year to stay on top of Internet changes (primarily because Google changes continuously) and because our practices are always raising the bar and improving how we market.
  • Podiatry practices that are not members of Top Practices attend to learn how to explode their growth and manage it.

This is not a closed-door, members-only event—anyone who wants to learn is welcome. There is no other event like the Summit for helping you see how to solve your problems. 

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC