You not only CAN, you SHOULD! The practices that bring staff members always get more done when they return to their offices. This is because they don’t have to try to translate and transmit the great ideas and enthusiasm they just learned at the Top Practices Summit to people who have no context or clarity for it. It may be hard for your staff to make the changes you learned about at Summit on your own, but they would benefit from it so much if they just knew what to do.

We have seen doctors come by themselves the first year to check it out, only to bring 1,2, or 12 staff members the next year because they understood the critical importance. 

Here is what past attendees have to say:

"The Top Practices Summit was very motivating! This was the best money I have spent in 10 years. This conference has provided us the roadmap we needed to go places we want to go with our practice. I finally feel liberated in that I can get back control of our practice and take the direction we want to take it." - Meeta Pancholi, DPM 

"I leave with over 30 ideas to take back and implement." - Hans Blaakman, DPM

"I leave with a renewed sense of commitment to achieve excellence and a plan to accomplish my goals I am motivated to make the changes necessary to convert my practice into a successful business." - Scott Shields, DPM

So YES! Bring your staff so that you can guarantee your momentum stays strong when you leave the Summit. 

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC