The Top Practices Summit is a unique experience in a number of ways. One of the unique benefits of attending the Summit is that you and your staff leave with a clearly defined understanding of how to install the systems and protocols you will need to build and grow your practice. All of the materials from the conference are organized as a “Playbook” that contains implementable systems for you to take back with you. This Playbook is easily one of the most popular assets of the Summit. 

On the last day of the Summit, Rem is joined by the top experts who will complete the step-by-step marketing and business development plan inside the Summit Playbook. If you leave the conference without an actionable plan to truly grow your practice and inoculate it from hospitals, competitors, insurance companies, Congress, and yourself, you haven’t been paying attention. Remember, it is impossible to make these changes instantaneously. There’s no “purple pill” or “silver bullet”, but there is a plan, and THIS IS IT.

Don't miss your chance to join us for this exciting and innovative podiatry conference.

Rem Jackson
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