First and foremost, your social media is actually meant to be just a single component of a larger integrated internet marketing strategy. It’s meant to work together with and support your website, your blogs, and even (in some cases) your e-mail marketing and building your list. Measuring if it’s “working” apart from the rest of your online marketing isn’t the point; however, there are valuable ways to see how your online strategy is working as a whole, and to see how your social media is functioning inside that.

The number one way to know if your digital marketing strategy is working is to track your new patients every single month and identify what brought them into your office. See if and how patients found you online. Compare those numbers to the new patient trends for the year. Are those numbers increasing? Compare those numbers to the new patients from the same month last year, too—in other words, compare the number of new patients from January of this year to January of last year. Have those numbers improved?

You know your online marketing—and yes, your social media—is working if the number of patients who come to you from the internet is increasing over time.

Your internet analytics can help you identify if your social media strategy in particular is helping your online marketing. Is the number of people seeing, “liking,” or otherwise interacting with your social media growing? Are people being directed back to your blogs or your website from your social media platforms? You should review these analytics on a monthly basis, which is one of the things our Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) Services does for members. If you’re interested in getting help with your analytics, or your internet marketing in general, let us know! You can contact the VMD team directly by calling (616) 931-1040.

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