Social media is now a fully incorporated part of life. It’s no longer a unique pastime limited to web-savvy college students; people of all ages engage on at least one social platform daily. At the very top is, of course, Facebook. Love it or hate it, Facebook continues to dominate the social media scene. People use it all the time to connect with the friends, family, and things that they care about. If you’re marketing your practice on social media at all—and you should be—you should have a Facebook page.

But using Facebook to its fullest potential for your practice means more than just posting the occasional status update or photo. You need to use it wisely and make the most of what the platform does well. Facebook is designed for people to share and connect easily, but people do not share things that are boring or irrelevant. Here are a few ways you can use your practice’s page wisely:

1. Speak to your patients about things they find interesting and educational. Doctors, your patients don’t understand medical jargon, and they certainly don’t find that new laser you just installed as interesting as you do. They don’t want to hear just about medical problems all the time, either. It’s important to vary your posts with helpful information that answers the questions your patients might have, such as how-tos, tips, quizzes, and even fun facts.

2. Share relevant visual content. People are far more interested in photos, infographs, and videos than a block of text. Visual content is much easier to absorb and understand, especially as people scroll through their newsfeed. On the other hand, don’t post graphic photos that will turn people off.

3. Include a call to action—but don’t always promote yourself. Facebook is meant for people to engage with your practice, so it’s ok, and even a good idea, to ask them to like your page, share a post, comment, or visit your website. A word of caution: people will ignore you if every single thing you post is promoting yourself. They want posts that are relevant to them, not ads for your practice.

4. Don’t be too serious. It’s okay to be relaxed and authentic on social media. You don’t want to be rude, insensitive, or offensive, of course, but you don’t have to be stiff or robotic, either. You and your staff are real people, doctor, and everyone prefers to engage with real people.

Social media in general, but Facebook in particular, can be a fun way for you to connect with patients and potential patients online. Don’t underestimate its power to engage with people.
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