Be boring. 

That is the worst mistake you can possibly make in marketing your podiatry practice.  And the number one way to be boring is to talk about yourself.  Your qualifications, your training, your affiliations, your experience.  All important things to be very sure.  Just not very interesting to anyone other than you and your mom and dad.

People can’t focus on very much and it’s getting worse

I love technology, but it is really screwing us up.  People have so much data coming at them that they are now finding it hard to focus on anything in any depth.  This is a serious problem that impacts all facets of living our lives from the act of driving a car to marketing our businesses.

How to Attract New PatientsPeople can only focus on what is VERY IMPORTANT to them at any given time.  So if we want to get their attention with our marketing we need to “Enter the conversation that is already going on in their minds.”  We don’t have enough money to get someone’s attention if they aren’t worried about their lower extremities or the feet and ankles of loved ones who they are responsible for.  

That’s good news. We are trying to market to everyone like McDonalds or Geico, we are only trying to market to people who have foot and ankle concerns. The way to that is Three Fold:

  1. Get their attention with a great headline like, “The Worst Mistake you can Make in Marketing a Podiatry Practice” (you are reading this aren’t you?) or “Are you Sick and Tired of your Ugly Toenails?”
  2. Make them an offer that is valuable to them –like, “Request a copy of our no cost book all about ugly toenails and what you can do to get rid of them.”
  3. Follow up with them until they decide to take action.


That is why Top Practices is built on the foundation of Information Marketing.  People are worried about their heel pain and we have information in the form of a book that they can request to get their questions answered.  This is the secret of excellent marketing that has a high return on investment (ROI).  Trade their contact information for something valuable like one of our marketing books.  It’s quite simply the best offer you can ever make in marketing

Here are some of the podiatry marketing books we publish:

Top Practices Podiatry Marketing Books


Have questions about our book marketing program? You can speak to us in detail and get all of your questions answered. Email us at [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.

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