It’s no secret that the medical field is changing. Practicing medicine nowadays does not look the way it did even ten years ago. You, doctor, have all sorts of changes and challenges being thrown at you that make your life and your chosen profession difficult, sometimes miserable. These are things like paperwork, insurance complications, the “second language” of medical coding, and interference from an endless list of parties in the medical community.

These seem to make it almost impossible to do what you want and were trained to do—help people get well—and still run a successful practice. And yet, at the same time, there are doctors who are dealing with the same changes and challenges as you and are thriving in busy, growing practices while living the lives they want to live.

These doctors aren’t “lucky” or “beating the system.” They’ve figured out the secret to succeeding in a challenging environment. They aren’t letting what I call the “Great Disabling Distracter”—the negativity surrounding the changes and challenges facing medicine today—paralyze or limit them. Just as importantly, they’ve learned where to put their focus instead: making their marketing and practice management work toward their goals.

The good news is that success is always simple (though you shouldn’t confuse “simple” with “effortless”). There are three keystone strategies that, if implemented, will enable you to not only survive the next five years, but actually thrive. These strategies are comprehensive care, differentiation, and the “Slight Edge.” With the right procedures and protocols in place, these three things can help you go from struggling to Number One in your market.

That is our main goal at Top Practices. We want you to actually reach your own goals and be able to live the life you want, instead of becoming burnt out and dreading each work day. I am starting a blog series over the next several weeks to really dig into and tackle the big question about how you can succeed in a challenging environment. It’s my hope that you join me and start asking yourself if you have the kind of practice you really want. If it’s not, this could be the year that you turn things around. Don’t take my word for it, though. See what other doctors who have done exactly that have to say. You can also check out our Mastermind group to see how people are using these keystone strategies for their own practices. Just contact us by calling (717) 725-2679, e-mailing [email protected], or sending in an application to get started.

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