So you’re reading this blog. That’s the first lesson in marketing I’m sharing with you today – always have a great headline or subject line so that people will read your marketing.  I could have titled this blog, “How Joining the Top Practices Mastermind Group will Enable you to Grow your Practice”, but most likely you wouldn’t have bothered to read further.

I do have another million dollars to give away, so don’t stop reading.

I really did do something for a friend last month and I will explain that in a second, but would you please watch this 2 minute and 34 second video for me first?


These doctors are only a small sample of the Top Practices members who have changed their marketing and management so much that they are earning dramatically more from their efforts. 

Here is who got the million-dollar gift

The person I gave the million dollars to was my own brother.  He was struggling with his job and was talking to me about it.  My brother and I (he is the only sibling I have and he is three years younger than I am) are very close.  He was really unhappy and upset and didn’t know what to do.  After a good long talk, I told him I would give him a million dollars on the condition that he promised me he would use it.  Confused by this he asked me what I was talking about.  I said it again for effect and then told him that in my car (out in the parking lot) I had a 12 CD set entitled “What would Napoleon Hill do?” and I would give it to him if he would turn off the talk radio and listen only this when he was driving and that I would work with him on his goals and plans for moving forward.  He agreed. 

The work we are doing together now is worth much more than 1 million dollars to him in the next 20 years.  It will generate far more money for him, but more importantly it will create the Peace of Mind (already is) that he is looking for.

This has happened for several hundred doctors who are Top Practices Mastermind Group Members since 2007.

About Your Million Dollars

There is probably some kind of law that says I can’t say that I will literally give you a million dollars.  So to be clear, I’m offering you an opportunity, a plan, the guidance and coaching, and the tools to generate far more then 1 million dollars from your practice.  I also offering you the plan and coaching to achieve your most important and most dearly held goals for your life.

That plan is delivered in The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group.  All the information about the group and how to join is here. The bottom line is that I created this group to be so affordable that you can’t be put off by the cost. It’s less than the revenue from one average new patient a month!  You can leave at any time.  No “gotcha” contract you regret but can’t stop.  I hate those myself.  I want to earn your membership every month.  And I can tell you I do.  Some of our members date back to 2007 and wouldn’t give up their Top Practices membership for anything.

I don’t know if the time is right for you.  I know it took my brother seven years to listen to his older brother and he even loves me. :) Only you know if you want to trade up and become a member of the successful group.  And let me be clear, if you are already successful, you will love the Top Practices Group even more.  Birds of a feather flock together and this is a group of podiatrists who are winners or winners-to-be.

So, in the final analysis - I can’t give you a million dollars.  But I can stand beside you and with you as you give it to yourself, your spouse, and your family.  Isn’t that what it is about: The financial and emotional security of our loved ones? Having a little fun along the way? 

See what these Top Practices Members say about Top Practices

I’d love to have my team and I be your coaching team…if you are serious and you are ready.

Dedicated to your success,


P.S. The Top Practices Membership Form is located here and we can speak to you in detail and answer any question you have.  You can email us at [email protected] or call us at (717) 725-2679.

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