Being in a profession such as podiatry means being skilled in the art of flexibility. The medical field is constantly changing and with that comes the ebb and flow of business. Being adaptable means that your flows will most likely be longer and more fruitful. If you are less open to change, for instance, in the way you view marketing or the way you manage your practice, you are less likely to experience that coveted success. Everyone has the ability to find the success they’re looking for. If you and your practice are stuck in a rut, Dr. Pardis Kelly from San Carlos Podiatry in the Bay Area is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s never too late to turn your ship back around.

Dr. Kelly has been practicing podiatry for over 20 years. There have been massive changes from when she first started to today. Not just changes in technology, although those have been many, but changes in the way that medicine is practiced and how going to the doctor is viewed. About three years ago Dr. Kelly heard Rem speak in Las Vegas. She came home and told her office manager, “I think this is what we need to do. The practice is starting to plateau, and is actually going in a downward turn”. Dr. Kelly was not on her own because Chris, her office manager, had been impressed with what he was learning about Top Practices for a little while before then.

The major turning point was when she attended the 2017 Top Practices Summit. She saw all of her colleagues finding success and going out and getting what they deserved and worked hard for. “The competitiveness in me just came out and I thought to myself, ‘Why am I not doing these things? I can do these things!’”

In the past year and a half, business has been booming for Dr. Kelly. They are applying The Slight Edge methods to the way they conduct business. Doing small things every day to help promote big changes over time. Chris has said that he has been marketing to other doctor’s offices in the area for referrals and it’s paying off—big time: “We’ve primarily been doing shoe leather marketing and going to doctor’s offices. Slowly over time you become a welcome guest. Business is doing quite well, so the more I bring that on the better it will get”. They’ve also made changes to their website, which has brought in a fair amount of business as well. Not only are they bringing in new business through referrals, they're learning to better keep their existing patients. One way has been by bringing in virtual assistants so that Dr. Kelly can focus her attention where it needs to be: the patients! “Using the virtual assistants has changed the flow in the office and taking away some of the burden of writing notes. Instead, I can focus on the patients and take care of their complaints and issues more efficiently.”

Chris likens office management to a formula and says that Top Practices is handing you the formula and that it’s up to you to implement it and make it work for you and your practice’s specific needs. He also says that the entire staff has been working on their personal development and growth to better serve their patients. “We do a weekly segment where we discuss our communication skills and how to better develop ourselves personally and professionally”. Both Dr. Kelly and Chris recommend going to the Summits and still use it as a turning point in the success of their practice. As Chris says, “The Summits are important to go to. Being a continuing member is important as well. Top Practices is helping us develop new frameworks for success and the only way to really utilize it is to dive right in.”


Success stories like Dr. Kelly’s are common once you sign up for the Mastermind and Virtual Practice Management Institute programs. We exist to help you bring in more patients, keep existing ones, and manage your practice in a way that makes sense. If your practice is plateauing or you don’t know what to do to take those “next steps” to reach your goals contact Top Practices today. You can reach us by phone at 717-725-2679 or by emailing [email protected]. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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