It is a fact, in this world we live in, that we, consumers (or citizens), just don’t believe much of what we are told by companies, professionals, or our government leaders – and with good reason. But we still believe in the third party recommendations by our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. That is why “word of mouth” referrals are still the NUMBER ONE source of quality patients for most practices. These can be video testimonials or written. Often, it is easy to videotape people and then transcribe their words and then you can use the testimonial in both formats. Always check with your local legal counsel about the use of testimonials and any restrictions or limitations you may have because it varies greatly from state to state. And always get signed releases from your patients giving you full permission to use their image and name and testimonial and have this approved by your attorney too.

Ask when they say thank you

The best time to ask someone for a testimonial is when they say “thank you.” And if you truly believe that the people who walk through your doors are served as well as they are anywhere else, if not, in your opinion, even better, then you should actively seek out with confidence and pride those great words that your patients say to you when they say thank you.

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