So you’re looking for a great website company to handle your web presence and SEO (search engine optimization). As we discussed before, this is the new “snake oil” for doctors. Everybody calls themselves experts, but not all of them are. The big question, then, is how can you tell the difference?

You need to ask the right questions.

Do your homework. Here are just a few ways:

  1. Ask them for an extensive list (over 100) of the websites they’ve built for their clients.  Then do searches just like a patient of yours would by using search words like: foot doctor, Cleveland, OH; sharp pains in my heels, Los Angeles, CA; why is there a bump on the side of my foot, Tampa, FL. Can you find these doctors? If not, then what do you think will happen for you?
  2. Require a list of at least 5 clients for references that you can talk to about the company, their service, and most importantly, the results they are getting.
  3. Do searches about the company online. What are people saying about them?
  4. Will this company enable you to make changes and add content to your website on your own without having to ask them to do it for you? If not, then move on.
  5. Ask trusted colleagues who they use. Now, it’s important here to ask doctors who seem to “get it” with their marketing. 
  6. Foster Web MarketingFind other trusted sources who have the right to tell you who to use.  Now this is difficult.  Top Practices has a relationship with its members that I would describe as a “trusted advisor.”  We advise our members all the time about this. I will tell you that there is one company that is heads and shoulders above any other company that we have worked with at Top Practices, and that is Foster Web Marketing.  They are the website provider for many of our Top Practices members, and they are our own website provider.  Just search for “marketing a podiatry practice” or any version of that you can think of and see who is number one in the world.  We are proud of that, and Foster Web Marketing makes that possible.

Take your time with this. Do your due diligence and you’ll only have to do this once. You will begin to see how truly valuable a great web presence can be.

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