Dr. Mary Beth CraneTop Practices is proud to name the doctors and staff of FAANT as the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group Member of the Year. Drs. Molly Karp, Adrianna Karpati, Dana Giacalone, and Mary Beth Crane have set the standard, raised the bar, and quite literally transformed their practice in the past twelve months.

FAANT was a charter member of the Mastermind Group and originally joined because Lori Cerami, their practice manager, heard Rem speak at the March 2007 AAPPM bootcamp. Mary Beth and her team began participating in the marketing calls immediately and regularly, but it wasn't until the whole team attended the Top Practices Summit in October of 2007 that they really began to seriously attack their goals and their marketing.  After that meeting all the doctors and their senior staff members wrote down their goals using Rem's goal worksheets.

The rest, as they say, is magic.

Armed with the focus of their goals, Mary Beth went on a 90-day blitz of activity. She redesigned the FAANT website and began using additional internet marketing tools that she learned about in the Mastermind Group: bogging, submitting articles online, & using video.

Mary Beth and the team at FAANT implemented the complete Top Practices marketing strategy. They used the book, ad templates and flyers, the 18-step campaign and armed with dozens of marketing strategies that were shared and discussed and improved in the Mastermind calls, they began to redesign their practice and build it exactly the way they wanted it to be.

Here is how Mary Beth describes it:

"I call the year 2008 my awakening....awakening to the fact that I can make my own rules and still be successful. I went from working 50+ hours a week to around 30. I spend more time doing the things I want to do instead of the things I felt I had to do. I have moved the patients I really did not enjoy seeing to my partners or associates (who are very interested in them) and streamlined my personal practice to seeing the type of patients I enjoy. I no longer dread going to the office, but actually have gotten back the feeling that I have the greatest job in the world :) The best part is that my income hasn't suffered at all! I'm making about the same money and often when I'm not even there. This has been done by adding ancillary services and increasing my per visit value from $120 per visit to almost $200...."

Marybeth's partners, Dana and Adrianna are busy busy busy and Molly, their new associate is seeing tons of new patients.

I always worry that people see what Mary Beth has accomplished in the last year and think that she was able to accomplish because is someone special. Now, I DO think that Mary Beth is someone special I REALLY DO! But, ANYONE can do what she did in the last 12 months.


Here's her key success strategies:

2. She got VERY SERIOUS about her marketing for a 90 DAY period. She was intense in her activity for a short period of time.
3. She didn't second guess herself. She saw a successful model and SHE JUST DID what her coach (that's me) advised her to do and what she saw other successful marketers do.
4. She did it all. She didn't skip steps, she didn't leave anything out. She committed to doing it right the first time.
5. She Masterminded with other people and created new ideas.
6. She made adjustments along the way.
7. She had fun while she was building it - she didn't wait until some future point to have fun.

I always sign my Mastermind Group Messages "Dedicated To Your Success."  And I sincerely mean it. That is the sole mission of Top Practices. It's why I started Top Practices. Mary Beth and her partners were already successful, high performing doctors before they met me, but their commitment to becoming better, happier, and even more successful and their willingness to try new and different things and really throw themselves into it made my job as their marketing coach, business coach, and sometimes life coach, one of the most fulfilling professional experiences of my career.

Congratulations to Mary Beth Crane and the entire team at FAANT, The First Top Practices Marketing and Mastermind Members of the year.

Rem Jackson
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