Rem's Goal Worksheets

Most of us have too much to do. Our "to-do" list, both professional and personal, is overwhelming. The truth is we simply don't do very much on that list—ever. We are just keeping our nose above water so that we don't drown. We never get to the important but not-urgent (no obvious fires burning) items on our list that actually matter. We are stressed out, racked with guilt, and drowning in a sea of obligations and work.                                                                

Everything you have on your "to-do" list occasionally pops into your conscious awareness and screams "you have to complete me!" and then recedes back into the tar pit of things you have to do that you are standing in. And then another thing pops up, yells at you, stresses you worse, and then recedes. It's no way to live, and yet it is the way most of us are living. 

This brings us to the Top Practices Goal Worksheets, found by clicking the button below. Block out time for yourself to write and complete your goals, not your "to-do" lists. Then, in the end, decide to take the steps needed to achieve your goals.



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