Hi everyone. It's Rem Jackson, the CEO of Top Practices. And today I want to talk for just a moment about your team, your staff. That group of people that you work with that help you accomplish your goals, your dreams as you help them accomplish their goals and their dreams.

They matter. They are the team, the conduit, the group of people through which everything that you're going to try to accomplish gets done. None of us can do this by ourselves. Some of us are really exceptionally good at accomplishing an enormous amount of productivity by ourselves, but you can never get past a certain level if you don't have that team of people.

And so think about the staff that you have right now and ask yourself this question: Are they the right group? You know, I often say, let's imagine for a minute that you're having a professional development, enjoyment time this Saturday. And the goal is we're all going to the local airport. We're getting on an airplane, we're going to go up after some lessons, and then we're going to skydive together. And everybody's going to pack two parachutes. And something happens in the morning, you have an emergency and you can't get there for the parachute packing part, but you can get there in time to go up in the plane and you've had the training.

So, you show up at the airport and you've got, you know, say 10 people that have 20 parachutes pack and they can offer you one. And so you have your entire team and they say, well, I need a parachute. And your entire team goes here, "Take this one". Now let me ask you a question. Who on your team's parachute will you take as you jump off that airplane? Can you see their faces? Okay, good.

Let me ask you another question: Who on your team is handing you that parachute and you look at them and you say, "You know what? I'm good. I'm just going to take my chances. Jump in and see how that goes." Now, my question for you is, why is that person on your team? Because they are packing the parachute of your practice, of your career. You have to really look at this and say, who are my A-team players? And then make a decision, I'm not only going to keep them, but I'm going to invest in them. I'm going to help them achieve what they want. And then if you have your B, but could be A-team players, then you and the team need to bring them up to that level. And if you have C-level people that can't even get to B. Then it's time to rethink who's on your team.

We've had an incredibly tight labor market for the last five or six years. That is not the case right now. There is going to be, there will be a bumper crop of people, really great people that you couldn't find before that are going to be looking for work. Now is the time to raise the level to an A-team staff that you have. Every person on your team, every person in your staff has infinite value because they're humans and we all have infinite value. But remember, they may not be the right person to be on your team. Your practice will only move at the speed of the slowest person. And so ask yourself, "Do I have the right team in place?" And if not, let's get going and get that a team that you've always wanted.

Take care everyone. Let me know how it goes. Take care of yourselves and each other, and I'll talk to you soon.

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