No! Not all advertising is bad.

In fact, there really is no kind of bad advertising, there’s just bad messages. That’s really where we fall down whenever we’re using any kind of media. I don’t care if you’re in the newspaper, I don’t care if you’re on television or radio. If you’ve got the right message, and that message needs to be focused on the problems, concerns, and worries that the people that you can help are having, not on your qualifications or your experience or education, or even your claim that at your office “we’ll treat you like a member of the family”.

Because the truth of the matter is, people can only focus on their own problems and their own concerns, they really just don’t care about, nor can they evaluate, your qualifications. They’re really looking for solutions to their problems so if you advertise in any medium but you focus it correctly, you make the right offer, you capture that information that you get and then you begin to build your list, then anything that works is good.

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Rem Jackson
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