Hi, welcome to today’s One Minute Management Tip, my name is Tina Del Buono. Today I’m going to take about unbalanced workloads. You know, ever so often an employee will feel that their workload is more than someone else’s in the practice. And basically, this happens because they don’t really understand what their coworkers are doing.

There are few telltale signs if you think this might be happening in your practice. 1) Your employee’s productivity become less. 2) The quality of the work they produce is less. 3) They may be late more often where they weren’t before or even call in sick. And 4) They tend to be a little more negative where they weren’t before.

You know one way to prevent this from happening is to let your employees job sit with each other. This is where they get to sit with one another doing the work day so that they can understand what their coworkers do all day. Your back office MA can sit with the front office person and see how often that phone rings and dealing with patients that walk in the door. And the same way with your billing and collecting people shadowing your MA in the back and watching how they have to encounter the patients in the back and what it is they have to do to help prepare the doctor for the patient’s visit. When people can understand what each other’s job tasks are they will then appreciate their coworker much more and what they are doing all day.

Well, I hope this tip has helped you. If you have any questions just send me an email at [email protected].