Hi, it's Tina and welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip.

Recently, I was at a conference and I was talking to a medical assistant and they said that they had gotten a little bit of a reprimand from their doctor because they weren't performing job tasks to the expectation of the physician, and I said, "Well, have you been trained?" And they said, "Well, yes, I did receive training." And I said, "What does that mean?" They didn't feel that they had received adequate enough training for them to be able to perform at the expectations that the doctor had.

Oftentimes, fear will just stop people from moving forward in their position and we need to be able to address this. So, a couple of simple questions. All you have to do is ask: Does everyone feel like they have been trained? Does anyone require additional training? Because we want you to be able to perform at the highest level in this practice because when everyone is performing well, the practice will do well. And then offer training and offer continued training. A lot of times offices will retrain on a quarterly basis just in basic skills. So that everybody stays on the same page. And when people feel they've received the proper training, they are more confident and when they're more confident, the practice runs much better.

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