"Since 2007, annually, once a year, all of the top practices in the country come together at the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit. This year it’s in Denver, Colorado on October 2, 3, and 4. This is three days that are jam-packed with all of the information, all of the people you need to talk to, all of the strategies, all in one roof. It’s 250 people who can see the future of medicine, who can see the future of private practice, and are sharing with each other exactly the strategies that are going to make them successful. 

Don’t believe it when you hear people say that private practitioners are going to become extinct. When you come to the Top Practices Summit you will be surrounded by proof - I provide as much proof as possible in the form of all of our members that are having 20%, 30%, 50% growth, even in this environment. If you want to get the playbook, and I mean it, the actual playbook, we give you a playbook at the conference - come to the Top Practices Summit and I will prove to you that the next five years are going to be your best five years. I will see you and 250 of your colleagues in Denver, CO on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th."

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC