Hi, welcome to today’s Practice Management Minute. My name is Tina DelBuono. You know, when I talk with office managers, I often will hear that they are struggling with getting their staff members to be more productive and to complete their job tasks in a timely manner. How managers manage greatly plays on how the staff will perform and respond. Managers must remember that their position is just a position, like anyone else in the practice. Therefore everyone in the practice is on the same playing field. Successful managers have three secret management skills that they practice, and they perfect them. 
They learn how to delegate effectively to their staff members which makes a huge difference in how they respond. They delegate tasks without relinquishing their own responsibility for it. That’s a big one.
They explain why something needs to be done, but they never dictate how it should be done. Yes, we do need protocols to follow, but they don’t dictate.
They give instructions to the people that they work with, not orders. We need to remember, we are all on the same team. We need to think about, when we’re a manager, how would we want someone to work with us, to help us to understand what it is we have to get done, why and when, and then treat everyone as you would want to be treated.