Hi, I’m Dr. Peter Wishnie and here’s another One Minute Management Tip. And today's topic is on the personal touch.

In today’s times, we tend to automate everything but there's something that should never ever be automated and that is the personal touch. The touch of calling your patients yourself the night before a procedure and after the procedure. As well as calling all your new patients to see that any additional questions they might not have been able to ask you during their appointment. Doing so allows them to feel more comfortable with you, it gains trust, and you feel better as well.

I just want to let you know that there's one thing that we do not always automate as well and that is the reminder system. The appointment reminder system where we will text them, call them, and send an email. But we have found that periodically calling them personally to remind them of the appointment gets a better result. So think about it. See how it helps your practice and stay focused my friends. And have a great day, until next time, I'm Doctor Wishnie.