What comes first? The cake or the recipe?

Do you like cake? What is your favorite cake?

In order to have the best cake... By the way, I prefer chocolate. Nothing better than a nice piece of chocolate cake. And don't - please don't ruin it with anything vanilla on it. So, to have that perfect piece of chocolate cake, you need an amazing recipe, a recipe that is reproducible. Imagine having that recipe in your practice. If you could just follow that recipe day in and day out, you would have the perfect practice.

A recipe in your practice could be a bunch of checklists. You should have a checklist for answering the phone, greeting patients, a collection checklist, a checkout checklist, and so on and so on. This way, when the cake is not that good that day, you can look at your recipe and see what ingredient was left out.

The recipe or the checklist takes the guessing out of the game. This way you will know exactly what area of your practice you need to be concentrating on immediately.

To learn more about making the perfect recipe, order my free book Running a Successful Medical Practice Should Be a Dream, Not a Nightmare by clicking the link below. Until next time, stay focused. My friends.