Hi, welcome to today’s 1 minute management tip. My name is Tina DelBuono. I bet your office is a lot like mine and some days the phone is just ringing off the hook. That can be a good thing, but it can also be a not-so-good thing. If you’re feeling rushed or hurried, you know what? The person on the other end of that line may feel like you really don’t want to take time for them. There’s one reason that patients call our office, and that’s for help. They’re looking for help from us. So, my tip for you is that when your phone rings and it’s your turn to pick it up, take just 1 second and stop and focus. Remember someone is calling for help, put a smile on your face, and then pick up that phone to greet them. Have that person on the other end of the line be glad that you are the one who answered their call. I hope that helps you! Have a great day!