Sometimes in life something comes along your way that is simply amazing and the Ten $Million Dollar Phone Scenarios is just that. We all think our receptionists are great. They probably are but they can be amazing if you can train your staff to do a few tweaks.

Here is one on the house:

If your staff tries to reschedule a patient by asking, “Would you like to reschedule?” That just drives me crazy because people truly do not want to see doctors!

Now, here is the solution:

“The doctor really needs to see you so let’s reschedule that for you. Which is better, Monday or Wednesday? Do you wish to have a morning or afternoon appointment?”

Never ask yes or no questions.

“Would you like an injection, Mary?” No, she does not want an injection, and no one wants to see a doctor that might cause pain both, financially or physically.

So, stop asking and start scheduling. In the Ten $Million Dollar Phone Scenarios System, you will learn so many more of these “tricks” that can keep your appointment book full for only for $47. Do not hesitate. Get this system now.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you get your money back. No questions asked.