Hi, it's Tina. I'm here with your one-minute management tip. You know, Seneca was a philosopher and a Stoic of the great Roman Imperial Period. And if you've listened to any of Ryan Holiday's Daily Stoic emails or podcasts or read any of his book, you certainly have heard him quote Seneca. Well, one of the things that Seneca said is, "He who is everywhere is nowhere." Now, think about that. "He who is everywhere is nowhere." You know, what does that have to do with practice management? Well, today, it seems like everyone is hustling and bustling to get more done in the time that they have. Now, I'm all about, you know, being efficient with our time. But I think about, you know, managers who are trying to do the impossible, their list is so long. There's no way they could ever complete it all, not even in a day, a week or a month. And doctors who are trying to see so many patients each day, more patients than what they actually have time to see and treat appropriately. You know, staff who are being weighed down by being shorthanded, which so many offices are today.

So, what can we do with that? "He who is everywhere is nowhere." If we're trying to do too much, what are we really doing? What are we really accomplishing? Maybe we need to take a step back and slow down. You know, my partner, Dr. Peter, Wishnie always says, "You need to slow down, in order to be able to speed up. "You know, my father always said, "Life is short." And you need to take care of yourself and your staff so that you ultimately can take better care of your patients. So think about this: "He who is everywhere is nowhere." Maybe you need to slow down.

And if you need any help or any suggestions about things that you are facing in your practice, just remember I'm here at [email protected] and Dr. Peter Wishnie is here at [email protected]. All you have to do is email us. We'd be glad to set up a time to talk with you. Well, please don't be everywhere so that you're nowhere. Take some time and slow down. You take care. Bye now.