Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Wishnie and here is your One Minute Practice Management Tip. Today, I want to talk about vacations – vacations are a wonderful thing! I am headed to Italy in a couple days and I’m really really looking forward to lecturing to a group of great docs in Florence. So, what do I do with my staff while I’m out on vacation?


If you have a practice where you are the only doctor, do not, I mean, do not send the whole staff home and close the office. Leave a couple staff in the practice to answer phones, make appointments, call patients who have not been in for a while, pick up their orthotics, and patients who need to pick up their shoes. Get your schedule full and productive so that when you get back, you can start making some more money – especially the money you might have lost while you were on vacation. It’s also a great time to call up patients who have not paid their bills. You can be making money while on vacation. I know a lot of doctors who, when they go away, they just lock their doors and the worst thing that can happen is that when you get back, you have an empty schedule. So my friends, stay focused, be productive, and I’ll see you soon.