Hello! My name is Tina Del Buono, and welcome to today’s Minute Management tip. You know, to show appreciation is one of the greatest gifts we can give to someone. But far too often it isn’t happening in our practices enough. When we show appreciation to one another, what does it do? It shows the value that we have in that person.  And when it’s not happening in your practice, it affects the overall performance of the people who work there, and ultimately, the patient care that we give.


We want to work with a successful team, so we need to build each other up! Doctors, you need to be saying on a regular basis, “thank you very much” to your staff who are there to assist you every single day. And, when staff begins to feel appreciation from their doctors, they will begin to show appreciation for one another and be thanking one another for the help and support that they get from each other each day. Team members have a sense of belonging when they’re appreciated. What a great gift that is, that we are giving one another, and also, that we are giving to our patients! It’s an overflow that comes out when we see our patients. We know the value that we have, we know that we’ve been thanked, we know that we’re recognized and appreciated for what we do each day. So, make sure that you say thank you to your coworker, to your doctor – doctor to your staff. And also, remember to thank your patients for remembering to come in and see you.


Well, I hope that I’ve given you a little bit of appreciation for who you are and what you can do in your practice. And if I can be of any help to you, just email me at [email protected]