Hi everyone today, I'm going to talk about servant leadership. I always mentioned that your practice is here to give you the life you deserve and desire. But in order to receive something, servant leadership is all about giving. In order to receive something, you have to think about how you're going to serve your patients.

Anybody who comes through the door, like the UPS guy, or a rep, and more importantly, how you treat your staff. Always take care of your staff, like they are your grandmother who's bringing you nice warm cookies and you love so much. If you take care of your staff, your staff will take care of everyone else that comes your way. And by helping them, you will get the practice of your dreams.

So dig deep into your heart and figure out how you can help your team and make their job a lot easier instead of more difficult. The easier you make their job, the easier your job will be. Okay, that's it. And have a great day and stay focused, my friends.