Hi everyone. This is Dr. Wishnie for another one minute practice management tip.

Today, I want to talk about putting people in their right places. What do I mean by that? So let's say you have a front desk person, but you know, they really want to become a nurse and they love to be with people and there might be a better position for them working with patients as a medical assistant.

So know people's strengths. Know what they like and what they want to be. And that's how you develop people in your practice. You know, sometimes periodically, what I'll take is, take my staff and I'll have them work in different positions for about half a day. So you have a medical assistant work with the financial department, and the financial person might work with the front desk person. This way they can appreciate and learn how to appreciate other people's work. In addition, you also might find that some of your teammates, some of your staff, might be better suited for a different position.

So know their strengths, know their weaknesses, and put people in their proper place. Have a great day and stay focused, my friends.